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What Is Included In Our Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download Package?

By downloading our Nintendo 3DS emulator package you are entitled to choose any platform that you want to install our software. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Android. You can also download hundreds of 3DS ROMs in our database which is absolutely free. Our database is regularly updated for you to enjoy new games. You can check all the epic features once you downloaded the emulator. Here are some of the available platforms in case a 3DS player passes by.

The 3DS Emulation software has become one of the trending topic on the gaming industry within this past several years and the some emulator enthusiast started creating this software after developing the ones for  PS1, PS2, Xbox  and Wii. The difference between our emulator is that it runs on a quad-core processors that means smooth game-play and amazing graphics but it also depends on your device overall specs. Our emulator does not require you to download BIOs file since it’s already built in the emulator package.

 Multi Platform

The updated version of our software is compatible with Windows, Android and Mac.

 Very Easy To Use

Our emulator is very user friendly. It’s so easy to use even a 5 year old kid can navigate the software.

 No Need BIOs

The latest version of our emulator no longer needs you to download BIOS since everything is included in the pack.

 Absolutely Free

Everyone can download our software at no cost. And also everyone can download it here for free.

What are the system requirements to play  Nintendo 3DS Emulator?

Minimum Requirements:

emulator minimum system requirement

emulator maximum system requirements
Generally the most important aspect in deciding the system requirements for Nintendo 3DS Emulator are the 3DS ROMs or games that you want to play with and so far in our several tests we concluded that most of the games can run even if you have an old graphic card but to run high end games such as Pokemon X and Y you need to have a better card.

The current version of our emulator runs a Quad core processors meaning the speed will be exceptional compared to the other versions who only use dual and single core only.



Development of our 3DS Emulator

The development of our software is a slow process and needs a lot of patience but we are proud to say that we have an awesome team that always run several test so that we can find bugs or error that might occur and be able to fix them. Some of the main problems are the scripts and plugins that is not loading correctly and as a result the emulator becomes slow and pixelated. It was our main obstacle but we managed to overcome and fixed it. It also depends on our user’s graphic card, the higher the card the better the performance of our software. For optimizing our emulator it would always be best to adjust your resolution and test if what works best with your desktop. You can access it via control panel on your PC and switch the settings. BIOS are also important in every emulator so we already take care of that and it’s already included on the package. We also added several features for graphics and audio to our software and a s a result it makes the Nintendo 3DS ROMs and games graphics almost better than the original console itself.


What’s the difference of our emulator compared to others?

Our software is unique compared to other emulators out there since it does not require a user to download a separate BIOS file for it to work. Everything else is already included on our package. No need to search for 3DS ROMs in the web since there is already a built in downloader feature on our software. You just need to search the title of the game and you can download it directly. Our software also supports 90% of 3DS ROMs. The speed, graphic and overall performance is much better compared to other software out there since our team made a lot of testing to fully maximize the performance of our software. It is the same as your playing the original 3DS console.


What platforms does our software support?

We are pleased to say that our emulator software works with Windows, Mac and Android. We are currently working with several features on how we can improve and tweak our software so that you will experience lag even if you’re playing high end games.


Finish downloading the Nintendo 3DS Emulator? You can support us!

If you want to support our Emulator project we definitely appreciate it. Any amount will do as long as we make our users happy and satisfied with our software. What makes us happy is that we hear your responses that you are having fun with our emulator software. All of the donations and future donations will be spent on improving our software and this site as well.


Questions and Suggestions With Our Emulator?

If you have questions, suggestions or request you can contact us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our dedicated support team is available on weekdays.