nintendo 3ds roms

3DS ROMs for Nintedo 3DS Emulator

With our software you can find thousands of ROMs to use with the emulator. There is no need for you to search 3DS Roms on the web but with our built in downloader plugin you can search the games that you want in our database and download it directly.

Everything is already included on our Emulator Package. This why a lot of  our users download this emulator since everything is just plug and play.

What is this built in Rom download plugin?

With our built in Rom download plugin you can search the games that you want to play. Currently our database holds thousands of games for you to enjoy. Just got to the search tab on your emulator and type the title of your game and it will auto populate. If your game is not listed on our database you can send us a request so that we can upload that game on our network but most of the popular games are available for you to download. If you still haven’t download our emulator package then get it here.