The Best 3DS Games Of 2015 Which Promise To Keep You Tuned Throughout

After all the bad reviews about Nintendo 3ds launched in 2011, everyone thought that it would be history soon. However today it has captured the handheld console market in a big way with its games menu which keep getting better year on year. Here is a pick of a few 3ds games which have been a rage in 2015. You can play this game by running our Nintendo 3ds emulator 2015.

super mario 3d Land
Super Mario 3d Land

The all-time favorite Super Mario is now a 3d Mario game on a handheld console. With an extraordinary appeal and a high level of design it is undoubtedly a revolution in itself.
You could jump from one level to the other on the go as every stage is timed very well. Each level promises an extra layer of fun and excitement and a whole bunch of surprises that keep awaiting you. They have introduced an entire new level to conquer which is sure to make even the most seasoned Mario player go crazy.

Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

A complete makeover to the regular Pokemon series, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire sets itself apart. It comes with some brand new ideas .Though battles are still the most eccentric part of the game, however they are making a great buy for all age groups.

Mario Kart 7 3DS Game
Mario Kart 7

A true delight for game players, Mario Kart 7 does not fail to amaze with its 3d look introducing stunning tracks and vehicles. This single player game has a few other additions to its levels which have bought a lot of variety to every stage. Its improved infrastructure makes Mario kart 7 one of the best among the racing games.

animal crossing new leaf 3ds game
Animal crossing: New Leaf

Experience being the new mayor in a town where animals are your neighbors and have control over everything in the village while you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
From the usual bug, fish and fossil collection now also build your village infrastructure with parks,benches, cafes and police stations.Visit the new tropical island alone or with a friend. With a number of events to spoil you throughout, New Leaf is definitely among the most popular games of 2015.